Policy Maximise your cash flow by managing your fleet groundings

* NEW : notre contrat BOXAIR est désormais compatible avec l' enregistreur de paramètres de type HELISAFE de la société SAFRAN

Forget the excesses calculated in days of conventional policies, and maximise your cash flow by managing your fleet groundings !

Join our exclusive BoxAir® system with the dedicated IMS insurance management interface (with the same base rates as a conventional policy).

  • Pay 70% of the flight premium with the individual pilot option
  • Aeroplane or helicopter on the ground between two flights at a rate to 40% of the reduced flight and civil liability premium
  • The next quarter, automatic adjustment of the consumption of flying days, but only if the threshold of 70% is exceeded
  • Up to 30% saving for the whole fleet compared to a conventional policy !
  • Policyholder dividends or non-claims discounts are included from the start of the policy, so there are acquired, even in the event of a claim !
  • Splitting optional

The BoxAir® policy is exclusive to Gritchen Aéronautique, created in partnership with a leading French company, and corresponds to all possible uses by helicopter or aeroplane operators.

Policy operating principle :

Your aircraft is located on the ground between two flight periods, so the reduced premiums apply.
When your aircraft flies, it is automatically placed in the flight position without a prior declaration, and billing corresponding to the proportion of the difference between the in-flight premium and the on the ground premium is established on the day, the next quarter, if the threshold of 70% of the premium already paid is exceeded.
Therefore, this system eliminates the excesses calculated in days of conventional policies, and allows you, as a decision maker, to maximise your helicopter or aeroplane fleet groundings.

Simplified diagram of the policy on a 100 base

Premiums component :

  • Reference premium in flight cover : 100
  • Reference premium on the ground cover : 40
  • Adjustment premium per flying day : 0.274 = (40/365) + (100-40)/365)

Accounting component :

  • Minimum premium amount: 70
  • Biannual adjustment only if consumption exceeds 70 : ((40 + (0.164 x no. of days))
  • Subscription : 2.5 (amortised in 12 days on the ground)
  • Splitting optional