IMS Interface An effective management tool

* NEW : notre contrat BOXAIR est désormais compatible avec l' enregistreur de paramètres de type HELISAFE de la société SAFRAN

The Insurance Management System (IMS) interface ensures your premiums correspond to your actual activity, and you can maximise your cash flow with the maximum discount acquired from the start of the contract !

The originality of the BoxAir® starts right from the start of the policy, when you receive the maximum discount (-30%) for groundings by paying 70% of the premium, so your cash flow is maximised.
Each day, the IMS interface receives the position data for your aircraft by GSM transmission. The software uses this information to calculate the actual number of days spent flying and, if needed, automatically updates your premium amount.
You will only receive a premium adjustment invoice every quarter if your consumption is greater than the premium amount (70%).

An effective management tool !

By directly accessing your account online, you can track the gain made on the initial premium in real time and naturally maximise your fleet management, with a clear view of your groundings :

  • Monthly monitoring by aeroplane or helicopter 
  • Monthly monitoring summary by aircraft
  • Monthly monitoring by fleet
  • Monthly monitoring summary by fleet
  • Annual summary by aircraft and by fleet
  • Online invoice payment option
  • Access to your policies, amendments, aircraft certificates, etc.

The IMS interface has been created and developed by Gritchen Aéronautique, exclusively for BoxAir®, which is made in France.