Maximise your insurance premiums Take control of your insurance premiums

* NEW : notre contrat BOXAIR est désormais compatible avec l' enregistreur de paramètres de type HELISAFE de la société SAFRAN

PAY AS YOU FLY with the BoxAir® !
Take control of your insurance premiums ; optimise your cash flow and fleet management !

The BoxAir® and the IMS interface are an innovative and exclusive concept developed by Gritchen Aéronautique, an ideal answer to cash flow problems in difficult times !

Anticipate your future due dates :

Your premiums are low because the aircraft is by default positioned in on the ground cover.
As soon as your aeroplane (or helicopter) takes off, the BoxAir® detects it and automatically places your aircraft under in flight cover without making a prior declaration to the insurance company.

Just pay according to your actual activity :

The premium amount corresponds to 70% of the reference premium in flight position, and in fact, you get the maximum possible discount as soon as the policy starts. An invoice is issued each quarter based on “flight” consumption, but only if this consumption is greater than the premium amount.
The maximum discount will be 30%, which corresponds to approximately 180 days on the ground.

A low subscription for maximum gains !

A simple, clear and precise policy, which is structured as follows :

  • A reference cover premium in “flight” position based on a conventional policy
  • A reference cover premium in “ground” position (ground rate 40% of the reduced flight and civil liability premium)
  • An adjustment premium by flight day, corresponding to the proportion of the difference of the two previous reference premiums.

Our concept means your cost price calculation per flight hour falls sharply, and is therefore simplified.