The BoxAir®, new !

Our BOXAIR contract is now compatible with the HELISAFE parameter recorder
from ISEI

Pay as you fly with BoxAir® !

Up to 30% savings on insurance premiums for your aircrafts (helicopter or aeroplane) !
Just pay for your actual activity !

The BoxAir®, your guarantee of paying a premium as close as possible to your actual activity

Certain of the relevance of its BoxAir® system, Gritchen Aéronautique offers a maximum discount of 30% from the start of your contract by a premium notice of 70% of the premium.
Thereby maximising your cash flow !

With BoxAir®, your insurance premium is automatically adjusted to the number of days spent flying or on the ground

To best meet the needs of helicopter or aircraft, fleet managers, and with experience in this field, Gritchen Aéronautique has developed an exclusive latest generation system: the BoxAir® beacon, which connects your aircraft for better insurance management.
Your insurance premium is therefore adjusted to your aircraft's actual activity !